Board composition

The board of directors for Cloetta shall according to the articles of association comprise of a minimum of three and a maximum of ten members elected by the general meeting.

At the Annual general meeting on 12 April 2016 it was resolved that the number of members of the board of directors were to be seven.

For the period until the end of the next annual general meeting, scheduled to be held during the spring 2017, the board of directors consists of Lilian Fossum Biner (chairman), Lottie Knutson, Mikael Norman, Adriaan NühnHans Porat, Camilla Svenfelt and Mikael Svenfelt.

In addition the labour organisations have elected two employee board members being Lena Grönedal and Mikael Ström, and as alternate Shahram Nikpour Badr and Christina Lönnborn.

The table below shows the board during 2015.


        Fees (1)   Attendance (3)
Elected by the AGM Nationality Year elected Born in Board fees Committee fees Independent (2) Board meetings Audit committee Remuneration committee
Caroline Sundewall Swedish 2014 1958 610,000 150,000 Yes/Yes 11/11 5/5 5/5
Lottie Knutson Swedish 2015 1964 280,000 - Yes/Yes 9/11    
Mikael Norman Swedish 2015 1958 280,000 100,000 Yes/Yes 11/11 5/5  
Adriaan Nühn Dutch 2012 1953 280,000 50,000 Yes/Yes 10/11   5/5
Mikael Svenfelt Swedish 2008 1966 280,000 50,000 Yes/No 11/11   5/5
Olof Svenfelt Swedish 2008 1941 280,000 100,000 Yes/No 11/11 5/5  
(1) The fees refer to set amounts during the period from the AGM on 23 April 2015 until the AGM on 12 April 2016. Board fees shall be paid in an amount of SEK 610,000 the Board Chairman and SEK 280,000 to each of the other members elected by the AGM. Members of the audit committee shall received fees of SEK 100,000 each and members of the remuneration committee fees of SEK 50,000 each.
(2) Independent in relation to the company and its management/in relation to the largest shareholder.
(3) Attendance refers to meetings during the period from the statutory meeting following the AGM 23 April 2015 until the publication of this annual report in March 2016.



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