Italy is the fourth largest market in Western Europe, with close to one tenth of the region’s total confectionery consumption. In 2015 the Italian confectionery market declined somewhat.Market Italy

  • Population: 61.7 million
  • Size of market: Approximately SEK 32.5 billion at the consumer level
  • Largest customers: Auchan Group, Coop, Esselunga, Carrefour Group and CONAD
  • Largest brands: Sperlari, Dietor, Saila, Dietorelle and Galatine

Cloetta´s sales and competitors

Cloetta’s sales in Italy accounted for 13 per cent (14) of Cloetta’s total sales. Cloetta is the second largest player in the Italian market for sugar confectionery and pastilles, with a share of around 12 per cent (13). The foremost competitors are Perfetti, Haribo and Ferrero. Perfetti has a market share of around 27 per cent (26), Haribo 11 per cent (10) and Ferrero 10 per cent (9). The retail chains’ private labels have a market share amounted to around 10 per cent (10) of sugar confectionery sales in the Italian market.

Sales channels

In Italy, the grocery retail trade is more fragmented than in the Nordic and Dutch markets. The three largest grocery retail chains have a significantly lower share of Cloetta’s sales than in the Nordic countries and the Netherlands. Aside from the more modern grocery stores, most sales take place via a very large number of small shops and are handled among other things by sales agents that act as distribution units and work for several suppliers.

Sales organisation

In Italy Cloetta has around 140 employees at the office in Cremona and in the sales organization.


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