Norway is the smallest market in the Nordic region, with just under one fifth of the region’s total confectionery consumption. The Norwegian confectionery market grew somewhat in 2015.Market Norway

  • Population: 5.1 million
  • Size of market: Approximately SEK 7.0 billion at the consumer level
  • Largest customers: Coop, ICA, NorgesGruppen and Rema
  • Largest brands: Malaco, Läkerol, Pops and Ahlgrens bilar

Cloetta´s sales and competitors

Cloetta’s sales in Norway accounted for 4 per cent (5) of the Group’s total sales in 2015. Cloetta is the third largest player in the Norwegian confectionery market. In the market for sugar confectionery and pastilles, Cloetta is the leading player, with a market share of 24 per cent (25). Nidar (owned by Orkla) has around 22 per cent (20) and Brynild has around 13 per cent (13) of the Norwegian sugar confectionery and pastilles market. The retail chains’ private labels have a share of around 3 per cent (4) of confectionery sales in the Norwegian market.

Sales channels

The Norwegian grocery retail market is consolidated, with three dominant chains. In 2015 ICA left the Norwegian market by selling its operations to Coop, which has further consolidated the market. In Norway the market is driven by product innovations to twice the extent in Sweden and Denmark. Norwegians want to try new products, which means that product innovation and relaunches are crucial for achieving better commercial positions.

Sales organisation

In Norway Cloetta has around 40 employees at the office in Høvik west of Oslo and in the sales organization.


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