Sweden is the largest single market in the Nordic region, with around one third of the region’s total confectionery consumption. In 2015 the total market showed positive development. In terms of value, sugar confectionery accounts for around 22 per cent, chocolate confectionery for around 58 per cent, pastilles for around 8 per cent and chewing gum for around 12 per cent. Pick-and-mix is an important part of the total market and accounts for 30 per cent.Market Sweden

Cloetta´s sales and competitors

Sweden is Cloetta’s largest market and accounted for 30 per cent (29) of Cloetta’s total sales in 2015. In Sweden Cloetta is the market leader in sugar confectionery and pastilles, Mondelez (including the Marabou brand) in chocolate and Wrigleys in chewing gum. Overall, Cloetta is the second largest player in the Swedish market, with a share of around 24 per cent (23) of the confectionery market. Mondelez has approximately 31 per cent (29) of the market. The retail chains’ private labels have a share of around 5 per cent (5) of the Swedish market.

Sales channels

The Swedish grocery retail trade is concentrated and increasingly centrally steered, but with good opportunities for influence at the local store level. The task for Cloetta’s sales force is to ensure distribution as well as placement and space in the stores in compliance with central agreements, but also to provide the trade with support in implementing campaigns and launches. The service trade is a vital sales channel for Cloetta. In recent years, alternative sales channels like building supply stores, movie theatres, arenas, etc., have become increasingly important.

Sales organisation

There are a total of around 200 employees in the sales organization

and at the Scandinavian head office in Malmö.


In 2015 Cloetta launched its own pick-and-mix concept in the Coop grocery chain under the name Godisfavoriter (Candy favourites). Cloetta has previously only been a supplier to various pick-and-mix resellers. Through the contract with Coop and new contracts with retailers like Bergendahls and ÖoB during 2016, Cloetta has moved up as the market-leader in pick-and-mix.


Since 2014 Cloetta also sells dry roasted nuts under the Nutisal brand. Nutisal is the market leader in the service trade and currently commands 12 per cent (11) of the Swedish nut market.


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