Innovation and product development (R&D)

Innovation is a key driver behind Cloetta’s brands and enables differentiation in the market. Cloetta’s innovation work and optimisation of the product development process create the conditions for future new product launches and relaunches.

New productLine extensions and new flavours

One key success factor in the confectionery market is to regularly launch new and attractive product variants or flavours, so-called line extensions, in segments where there is consumer demand, as well as to develop and modernise the existing products.

Packaging development

An important part of product development consists of package development. The connection between design and product is becoming increasingly clear.

The packaging materials must perform several functions, such as protecting the product on its way to the consumer, enabling easy handling of the product, providing product information and communicating the brand. Packaging development also includes retail packaging.

Product development process

Product development is steered by the ways in which market trends and new consumer needs can be optimally combined with existing brands. The process from concept to a product ready for launch normally takes around one year, but can be accelerated with the use of focused resources.

Cloetta drives category projects in sugar confectionery, chocolate, pastilles, chewing gum and nuts. Within this framework, Cloetta has created a product development process that ombines consumer demand and needs with the possibilities found in the existing production structure and the innovation activities being carried out within the Group. Tools for idea and concept generation and continuous follow-up create the conditions for Cloetta to be an even more innovation active company.

A focus on flavor

Packages and marketing can tempt consumers to try a new product, but if the flavour fails to measure up there is rarely a second purchase. It is therefore critical that the product innovations launched by Cloetta meet consumer requirements and expectations.

The focus is on flavour and texture when Cloetta develops new products. Before a product is launched, it undergoes both internal and external taste tests via consumer panels that among other things assess its flavour, consistency and overall impression.

Consumer panels

In order to systematically gather consumer feedback, Cloetta uses a consumer panel that regularly provides feedback and ideas on the Internet after receiving product samples to their homes. The ideas collected so far have been highly valuable for Cloetta’s innovation work.

Without approval by the consumer panel, the product will not be released on the market. A large bank of earlier tests and reference values facilitates the necessary assessment.

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