Employee surveys

Cloetta aims to be the most attractive employer in its markets compared with the competition and thereby retain the company’s valuable employees.

Employee surveysOne key part of being an attractive workplace for all employees is that there is a genuine interest in understanding how the employees perceive their workplace, i.e. what they appreciate and what they feel is missing or simply do not think is good. Cloetta uses a number of different tools to investigate how employees view their workplace.

Employee Opinion Survey

Cloetta believes that only highly motivated employees lead to satisfied customers/consumers and therefore a successful business. One key tool for seeing where Cloetta is placed is the results of the Employee Opinion Survey which measures the company’s performance within leadership, recognition, reward, job satisfaction and communication.

Great Place to Work

According to Great Place to Work it is the day-to-day relationships that are most important at a workplace. At a good workplace the employee perceives that he/she:

  • TRUSTS the people they work for
  • Feels PRIDE in what they do
  • ENJOYS being with co-workers.

Cloetta carried out the recurrent employee survey “Great Place to Work” at the end of 2013. The response rate was 85% and Cloetta achieved a Trust index of 60%. The goal is to reach 63% next time.

At the Great Place to Work gala in Helsinki in February 2014, Cloetta Finland was named as one of the best workplaces in Finland.

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