Mária, Coating Line, Levice, Slovakia

I have worked at Cloetta since 2010 when I started on the coating line where I still work.

Employees - MariaMy daily work depends on which type of candy we are coating (BRIO, Mynthon Original, LD, Smurf), each of which is coated differently. It makes me happy to coat the candy neatly. Apart from that I enjoy the company’s Christmas parties!

We have a good team. The job is my second home and that’s why the environment here is totally free of stress. I enjoy my work. Having a secure atmosphere at work is very important so that I can concentrate on my job.

The best things are my fixed working hours and all the new and interesting things I am learning about manufacturing candy.

I am proud of the fact that our company employs so many people and that we have the biggest factory in Levice.

My favourite Cloetta candy is Mynthon Lemon Honey and I also like Rox Raspberry, which is produced here.

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