Thomas, Production Manager, Ljungsbro, Sweden

I have worked at Cloetta for almost 25 years. I started as an Operator on one of our chocolate lines.

Employees - ThomasI have had several roles within the company and for some time now have been working as Production Manager. I have overall responsibility for the employees in our chocolate hall and on two chocolate moulding lines. We have extensive chocolate skills within the company which we obviously must safeguard and one of my key tasks is to ensure continued expertise on the lines and making sure our operators always have the best skills.

Every day, I feel proud to be involved in the manufacture of our fine products and seeing other people enjoying eating our products. I am proud to represent three key chocolate lines and I hope that my employees feel comfortable with me as their leader.

My favourite product has always been Center and it is very close to my heart. It was my favourite even before I joined Cloetta and I had the good fortune to start my career on the line that manufactures Center! Otherwise I eat everything we produce and there is nothing in the building that I don’t like. A new favourite is Tupla – our most recent fantastic chocolate product!

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