Cloetta and Corporate responsibility

Cloetta´s overall goal with Corporate Responsibility is to build long term sustainable values to stakeholders like consumers, customers, shareholders, employees, farmers in origin countries etc.

By striving to find a balance between social, environmental and economical aspects Cloetta can together with our stakeholders obtain sustainable values.

To Cloetta, sustainable values is about growing our business and at the same time making sure that the people or the environment affected by Cloetta operations or products are impacted in a positive way.

Cloetta´s work with Corporate Responsibility is incorporated in the entire value chain. This means that besides taking responsibility for the  aspects under the company’s direct control Cloetta also takes responsibility for indirect aspects outside of Cloetta´s direct control.

Corporate Responsibility at Cloetta is governed by the Cloetta Code of Conduct. The Code of Conduct is at set of guidelines and principles for how we do business. It builds on Cloettas core values; Focus, Passion, Teamplay and Pride. Cloetta recognises the ten principles of the UN Global Compact and strives to promote them in the society and the environments where Cloetta is active. With the aim of realising these general principles, Cloetta has defined the following principles:

  • Cloetta complies with the laws, ordinances and standards that apply in those countries where the Company is active.
  • Cloetta conducts operations with high integrity and morals, and takes responsibility for its actions.
  • Cloetta respects the UN’s declaration of human rights and accepts responsibility for maintaining employee and social rights in Cloetta’s operations.
  • Cloetta is active in international collaborations that aim to improve the conditions of people working in producing the company’s raw materials, such as cocoa.
  • In those segments where Cloetta is active, the Company works actively for suppliers to also comply with the principles of Cloetta’s Code of Conduct.

Cloetta´s sustainability commitment

Working with Corporate Responsibility at Cloetta is a long term commitment and  to continuously strive to improve in the field of corporate responsibility will be crucial to our success. Through stakeholder dialogues Cloetta has identified a number of prioritized areas which are;  Sustainable sourcing, Wellbeing of employees, Healthand Environmental footprint.

Sustainability and Cloetta´s overall strategies

Cloetta’s sustainability commitment supports and is firmly grounded in the company’s overall strategies.

Focus on margin expansion and volume growth

By creating sustainability programmes for the prioritised raw material groups and communicating theses programmes on Cloetta’s packages, the brands are further strengthened among customers and consumers. UTZ-certified cocoa and palm oil certified according to the RSPO’s principles are two such examples.

Focus on cost-efficiency

Efforts to continuously reduce the company’s environmental impact go hand in hand with lower costs. Decreased energy consumption and a lower volume of waste from the factories contribute to greater cost-efficiency.

Focus on employee development

Cloetta works determinedly to create an attractive workplace for all employees and promotes the development of a high-performing organisation by continuously developing and training its staff, designing competitive remuneration systems, upholding an inspiring corporate culture and building a clear corporate identity.


Cloetta reports in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines for sustainability reporting, G4, Core. Cloetta’s sustainability report covers all operations.

Find out more about Cloetta´s overall strategies here.

Corporate responsibility governance

The overall strategies for Cloetta’s corporate responsibility work are adopted by the Group Management Team and are controlled and monitored through business planning processes at several levels in the company. Ultimate responsibility for corporate responsibility lies with Cloetta’s President.

Cloetta’s sustainability work is overseen by the Director Corporate Responsibility, who functions as a spokesman for issues related to corporate responsibility and is responsible for identifying prioritized areas, acting as the stakeholders’ link to the management and supporting the implementation of Cloetta’s corporate responsibility strategy. Environmental and occupational health and safety managers are found in all factories.


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