Sustainable sourcing

Implementing sustainable sourcing throughout Cloetta´s supply chain is a key priority. By taking sustainability aspects into the company´s sourcing strategy Cloetta creates a platform for securing high quality raw materials to our factories and at the same time providing possibilities to farmers in origin countries to develop a sustainable business.

Cloetta sustainable sourcing - cacaoFirst of all sustainable sourcing at Cloetta is about having control one step backwards in the supply chain to the first line of suppliers. Raw materials are purchased only from suppliers that can be verified against Cloetta’s quality, product safety and sustainability requirements.

All suppliers to Cloetta are evaluated and approved before they are permitted to deliver materials to the factories. The process varies depending on a risk assessment and the type of supplier and the type of material delivered. Certain suppliers are physically audited at regular intervals by Cloetta’s employees.

Secondly sustainable sourcing at Cloetta is about directly adressing the different kinds of social, environmental or economical challanges beyond the first line of suppliers that we see throuhgout the supply chain of  specific raw material groups.

Our sustainable sourcing programme will either be based on external certification schemes and/or self assessment and verification against the Cloetta Code of Conduct.

At this moment in time Cloetta is focusing on addressing social, environmental and economical aspects in origin countries for Cocoa and Palm Oil.


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