Cloetta has a broad brand portfolio that has very substantial value and a strong position on the confectionery market in those countries where the Company is active.

Many of these brands originated from the first half of the 20th century and have strong local links including Malaco, Cloetta, Läkerol and Sperlari.

One of the Company’s primary competitive advantages is its capability to develop brands and present attractive new products under these brands.

Brands in confectionery are highly localised and consumers in markets that are mature have high loyalty, and accordingly, expansion and sales are largely about utilising the strengths of these well-known brands.

Brands must be contemporary and tailored to market trends, and have strong imagery, to be appreciated by the consumer. Content and packaging are in constant development, and new products must always be of high quality. By introducing new flavours packaging and brand sizes, modernity is maintained and the changing needs of consumers are satisfied.

Cloetta’s brands are its biggest asset.


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