CEO and Group Management

The President is appointed by the Board and supervises operations according to the instructions adopted by the Board and is responsible for day-to-day management of the company and the Group in accordance with the Swedish Companies Act. In addition, the President, together with the Chairman, decides which matters are to be dealt with at Board meetings. The Board continuously evaluates the President’s duties and performance.

The President is responsible for ensuring that the Board members are supplied with the necessary information and decision data and presents reports and proposals at Board meetings regarding issues dealt with by the Group Management Team. The President continuously informs the Board and Chairman about the financial position and development of the company and the Group.

Henri de Sauvage Nolting is the President of Cloetta . Aside from the President and CEO, the Group Management Team consists of the four regional presidents for Scandinavia, Finland, Middle and Italy/Rest of the World, the President Operations (which includes purchasing and production) and the five head of the central staffs Finance/IT, Marketing, HR, Corporate Communications & IR and Corporate Development/M&A.

For information about the President and other members of the Group Management Team, read more here.

CEO and Group Management
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