The history of Sperlari

Sperlari – the story of the founder of Italian Torrone

1836, Enea Sperlari opened a shop in the centre of Cremona, Italy, where he sold handmade nougat and mostarda.

But history tells that the typical nougat from Cremonese, a mixture of simple and natural ingredients like sugar, honey, egg whites, almonds and hazelnuts, has more ancient origins.

Nougat was born on 25 October 1441, the date of the marriage between Bianca Maria Visconti and Francesco Sforza. On that special occasion, the court confectioners decided to end the sumptuous wedding banquet with a special sweet representing the city of Cremona.

So they decided to create a copy of the fourteenth century tower rising beside the town cathedral. The clock tower is known as “Torrazzo” or “Torrone”, the Italian name for nougat, a name that has become well established and world renowned over the years.

At the end of 1800’s, Sperlari’s products were a big hit with customers and became widely successful both in Italy and overseas. In the early 1900’s nougat and mostarda were popular and well liked abroad, especially in America. In fact, the business was so successful that in 1911 the old premises were abandoned in order to build a new 2000-square meter steam-powered factory.

In the 1950’s – with its sights set on the future – the company decided to embark on a completely new adventure and started producing candy. This led to Sperlari’s hugely popular “candy casket”, which many Italians still remember fondly.

In spite of everything that has happened, the atmosphere at Sperlari has remained the same through the years. It is still a big family where everyone works together to improve the company and looks forward to new and exciting challenges.


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