Denmark is the second largest market in the Nordic region, with around one fourth of the region’s total confectionery consumption. The Danish confectionery market was flat during 2016. Largest brands are MalacoLäkerol, Nutisal, Center and Juleskum.

Cloetta´s sales and competitors

Cloetta’s sales in Denmark accounted for 5 per cent (6) of Group’s total sales in 2016. Cloetta is the second largest player in the Danish market for sugar confectionery and pastilles, with a market share of around 18 per cent (16). The market leaders are Haribo with around 28 per cent (30) and Toms with approximately 16 per cent (18). The retail chains’ private labels have a market share of around 5 per cent (4) and 2 per cent (1), respectively, of the Danish pastilles and sugar confectionery markets.

Sales channels

The grocery trade in Denmark is moving towards greater centralization, but with a combination of centrally-driven chains and a more decentralized approach than in the other Nordic countries. Extensive efforts at the individual store level are therefore required to achieve distribution and sales of in-store display racks.

Sales organisation

In Denmark there are around 35 employees at the office in Brøndby and in the sales organization.


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