Finland is the third largest market in the Nordic region, with around one fifth of the region’s total confectionery consumption.  Largest brands are Jenkki, Mynthon and  Tupla.

The Finnish market grew in 2018 and accounted for 21 per cent share of Cloetta´s total sales. The average growth during 2013 – 2018 has been 0.4 per cent.

Cloetta´s sales and competitors

Cloetta is the second largest player in the Finnish market, with a share of around 25 per cent (25) of packaged confectionery. The market leader is Fazer, with approximately 40 per cent (40) of the confectionery market. The private labels of retail chains have a share of around 8 per cent (8) of confectionery sales in the Finnish market. Cloetta is the market leader in pick & mix which represents about 10 per cent of the total market value.

Sales channels

The Finnish grocery retail trade is dominated by two players, Kesko and S-Group. Lidl has a larger share of retail trade compared to the other Nordic countries with 10 per cent. Finland has the most centralized purchasing of all the Nordic region markets. This centralized purchasing enables new products to achieve wide distribution and become quickly available to consumers.

Sales organisation

In Finland, there are around 200 employees in the sales and merchandising organization and at the office in Turku. Cloetta Finland has one of the strongest and largest sales organizations in the country, with 130 people in field sales, visiting stores every day.


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