The Netherlands

The Netherlands is the sixth largest market in Western Europe with regard to confectionery consumption. Largest customers are Albert Heijn, SuperUnie, Jumbo Supermarkten and Maxxam. Largest brands are  Sportlife, XyliFresh, King, Lonka, Red Band and Venco.

The Netherlands accounted for 14 per cent of Cloetta´s total sales in 2018 and the Dutch confectionery market grew slightly in 2018 mainly driven by chocolate, candy and pastilles. Average growth during 2013-2108 was 0.9 per cent.

Cloetta´s sales and competitors

Cloetta is the second largest player in the candy market in Holland with a market share of 20 per cent, following closely behind its main competitor Perfetti van Melle.

Cloetta holds a number one or two position in the liquorice, other candy and chewing gum markets, which has enabled the company to build strong relationships with the Dutch trade. Other competitors like Mondelez and Haribo have a couple of strong products in the market. Cloetta’s share in the overall chocolate and sugar confectionery market is 10 per cent (10).

The private labels of retail chains, including hard discount, have a share of around 9 per cent (9) of total candy sales in the Dutch market.

Sales channels

The grocery retail trade is concentrated around a few major players. Primarily centralized purchasing allows for wide and rapid distribution of new products that are launched.

The hard discount retail chains have increased their share of the market during the year, with a high proportion of private labels. Other important channels for confectionery are pharmacy and out-of-home.

Online grocery shopping has a stronger position in the Netherlands than in any of Cloetta’s other main markets.

Sales organisation

Cloetta has around 85 employees in the commercial organization at the office in Oosterhout mainly focusing on the Dutch market. The Oosterhout office also supports the Cloetta International Markets division through back-office and support activities including demand, customer service, marketing, business controlling and finance & accounting.



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