the UK

The UK is the second largest market in Western Europe and accounted for 7 per cent of Cloetta’s sales. It is a market characterized by fierce competition from all international confectionery companies.

Cloetta’s sales

Cloetta is the market leader in pick & mix in the UK with the Candyking concept. However, pick & mix is still a very small segment of the confectionery market in the UK. In addition, Cloetta is a strong niche player with the premium brand The Jelly Bean Factory. Cloetta also sells the Chewits brand to multiple channels and Lonka to discount and Cash & Carry in the UK.The Candyking concept is sold and delivered direct-to-trade whereas a distributor model is used for Chewits and Lonka. The Jelly Bean Factory is distributed via multiple distributors.


Both the pick & mix business and the branded packaged products business are commercially managed out of Cloetta’s office in Fareham. Cloetta has a sales and merchandising team of approximately 130 people.


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