Macro- and Consumer trends

Example of 6 distinct consumer trends

Genuine raw materials

There is a continued interest in natural and genuine raw materials. Additives of various types and artificially produced substances are being questioned in favour of natural materials. E numbers are being replaced with the name of the additive in plain language. Natural sugar or stevia are preferred over artificial sweeteners.

Greater individualization

Consumers are seeking satisfaction of their individual needs to a greater extent. This means that they want the option of choosing products, but also to have access to products and services that are individualized and can be adapted to different occasions. Pick & mix is a good example of a concept that is individualized.


More and more often, we are eating outside the home on our way to and from different activities. Greater availability and different solutions allow consumers to satisfy their needs immediately. 

Responsibility for the environment and working conditions

One key trend is an interest in the effects of food production on the environment and social conditions. Suppliers and retailers have responded to consumer demand for information, above all about the raw materials’ origins, quality and cultivation methods by introducing different types of labelling and certification.

Health and less sugar

People are increasingly seeking raw materials with positive health effects. Cloetta’s product range includes nuts, which are rich in vitamins and minerals. Xylitol, which is found in chewing gum and chewy pastilles, is good for dental health. Cloetta’s Red Band offers choices with one totally sugar-free variant, one with 30 per cent less sugar and a vegetarian option.

E-commerce and social media gaining importance

E-commerce is growing rapidly across all sectors, including the grocery retail trade. Both grocery retailers and food producers are building up their own e-commerce capacity to sell their goods online, and new players are also capitalizing on the powerful growth of online sales. Alongside e-commerce, direct communication with consumers via the social media is emerging as one of the most important channels for further developing the brands’ personalities and capturing trends.


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