Innovation and projects

Cloetta develops strong brands to maximize value accretive, organic growth through strategic product development based on consumer insights. Our strategic initiatives include brand extension, new geographical markets, the relaunch of brands and pure innovations. Strategic initiatives also include pricing strategies and the related changes in packaging sizes.

Product development is a key driver for the strength of Cloetta’s brands and enables differentiation in the market. Cloetta’s innovation work and optimization of the product development process create the conditions for new product launches and relaunches.

Consumer panels

To systematically gather consumer feedback, Cloetta uses a consumer panel that regularly provides feedback on ideas on Internet after receiving product samples to their homes. Without approval by the consumer panel, the product will not be released on the market.

Examples of product development

Less sugar options

To meet consumer demand for products with less sugar, both venco, red band and gott & blandat has developed options with 30 per cent less sugar, or sugar free.



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