Innovation and projects

Cloetta drives category projects in sugar confectionery, chocolate, pastilles and chewing gum. The category projects combines consumer demands and needs with the possibilities in the existing production structure and the innovation activities being carried out in the Group.


Consumer panels

To systematically gather consumer feedback, Cloetta uses a consumer panel that regularly provides feedback on ideas on Internet after receiving product samples to their homes. Without approval by the consumer panel, the product will not be released on the market.

Examples of product development


Red Band less sugar

To meet consumer demand for products with less sugar, red band has developed a range of wine gums with 30 per cent less sugar.

Malaco Crazy Face

Many consumers, especially younger, likes intense taste. Malaco Crazy Faze is a new candy concept that gives an intense and “crazy” taste. The concept was launched in 2017 in three varieties: Crazy Faze Fizzy, Crazy Face Sour and Crazy Face Salty.

Cloetta Müsli Bite

Cloetta Müsli Bite is a new type of chocolate filled with müsli, nuts or seeds and fruit juice, covered with chocolate.




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