Cloetta’s main markets are the countries where Cloetta has its own sales and distribution organisations. Cloetta´s products are sold in more than 50 countries worldwide with Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands, Germany and the UK as main markets.

Cloetta’s total sales in 2016 amounted to SEK 5.9bn (5.7), where Sweden was the largest single market and accounted for approximately 31 per cent of total sales. The other Nordic countries accounted for around 26 per cent, Italy for around 12 per cent, the Netherlands for around 13 per cent and the other markets for around 14 per cent of total sales.

Compared to 2015 net sales were up by 3.1 per cent, of which organic sales rose by 0.5 per cent.

*all numbers incl the italian business, that was sold in September 2017

Strong presence

Cloetta has a strong position in its main markets, with local brands in the segments for sugar and chocolate confectionery, nuts, pastilles and chewing gum, and is therefore an important supplier to the retail trade.

Over half of Cloetta’s sales consist of sugar confectionery and around 17 per cent of chocolate. Pastilles account for roughly 14 per cent, chewing gum for 6 per cent, nuts 4 per cent and other products, mainly sweeteners, for 5 per cent.

Concentration of the grocery retail trade

In Cloetta’s main markets in the Nordic region, around 80 per cent or more of total of total grocery sales are attributable to the three largest chains in each country. In the Netherlands the share is around half, but is significantly lower in Italy.

Price strategies

The concentrated grocery retail trade has exerted powerful price pressure on all of its suppliers in the past few years. To a large extent, Cloetta has handled this through efficiency improvements. To offset increased raw material costs and exchange rate changes, Cloetta’s strategy is to pass these on by raising prices. On the other hand, falling prices for raw materials can force Cloetta to lower its prices.

Travel retail

For many years Cloetta has had substantial sales to ferry lines, charter tour operators and airports, through the so-called Travel Retail.

Well known brands and unique packages in terms of both appearance and size are two of the most important competitive tools, and Cloetta is continuing to develop attractive product innovations in these areas.



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