Cloetta’s HR strategy


Each country is responsible for its own local recruitment process, but all include job interviews and skills/self-assessment tests to measure a candidate’s competences against our job profile.


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What we expect

During each round of the selection process a candidate’s personality and characteristics are evaluated to assess whether they are line with our core values: Focus, Passion, Teamplay and Pride. We are ambitious, tackle challenges with our “will do attitude”, support each other and have fun! And our new colleagues should also fit in with this company culture.

Furthermore, we always measure a candidate’s profile against the job description, including the specific set of skills and competences we are looking for. Depending on the seniority level of the position (junior, medior or senior), we look for candidates with a certain amount of “years of experience” in a similar position or department.

But, most important, we want to find a candidate with an entrepreneurial and ambitious attitude who is willing to take responsibility and wants to win! You should have a desire to work in a company where you are given the freedom and trust to make things happen.

Internships and Thesis

Cloetta works with trainee programs/internships in Sweden and the Netherlands. We work very closely with our interns as they are an important part of the team. Students are offered the opportunity to gain insight into the company and the grocery retail industry by either working with us to gain experience or by writing their school research/thesis paper based on a Cloetta topic.

Our offer

For several years Cloetta has been working closely with one of the major consulting companies to develop an optimized framework and strategy for our remuneration strategy. All positions in the company have been evaluated and plotted on an international matrix where comparable jobs are ranked similarly which has then been supplemented with a salary structure that is benchmarked against other food-producing companies in each country.

Best Place to work

In order to create an attractive workplace for all employees, Cloetta shows a genuine interest in understanding how the employees view their place of work. We therefore conduct employee satisfaction surveys every other year and arrange team feedback sessions to get a better understanding of the underlying reasoning behind the survey’s results.

Some examples of activities to act on employee satisfaction are:

  • Pimp the Office project
  • Create a Compensation and Benefits Statement
  • Quarterly Sales and Marketing Kick-off meetings for all
  • Vitality Program
  • Stimulate entrepreneurship

HR Calendar

Our HR department is passionate about building our identity and fueling an inspiring culture to ensure that we are a high performing organization. Our HR colleagues focus on hiring and developing our people and the organization and want to build a competitive reward and recognition program.

Our HR Wheel contains a cycle of HR activities that are applicable throughout the company.

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