Bertjan, Sales Director, Out Of Home, Oosterhout, the Netherlands

In my opinion there are many companies that possess at least some of the qualities that distinguish Cloetta: friendly people who work in a flat organization with a pleasant atmosphere and enjoy their work.

Employees - BertjanBut Cloetta has three qualities that are extremely important for me in my job and which are far harder to find in most other companies and organisations.

First of all, I believe that our company is a good size: not too small, so everyone knows our brands, and not too large for you to be able to make a difference as an individual. We are sufficiently large to have people with a lot of experience and knowledge to share. And in our local grocery markets and segments, we cannot be missed; we are mostly # 1 or # 2. But at the same time we are not so big that we are swallowed up in a large multinational.

Secondly, our present organisation is relatively new and comes from a history of private equity ownership and mergers. In this interim phase I have noticed that major investments have been made in our organisation by training people and strengthening the company. This also means that you can be given responsibility very early, which is partly facilitated by the company’s size, but also by active encouragement.

If you make a difference, get things done and combine this with further training, there are major career opportunities within the company. I have experienced this personally and in my present role I can make an active contribution to this way of working in the Netherlands.

Finally, we don’t work with ordinary products here at Cloetta. We work with products that make people happy. It is very rewarding to work in a company with well-known brands and products that you can buy everywhere.

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