Recruitment process

Welcome to apply for a position at Cloetta!

Cloetta employs a systematic recruitment process that aims at ensuring that we are a good fit. During the process, we try our best to provide you with a clear view of the position and Cloetta as an employer. We also wish to get the most objective possible picture of your competence, skills and personality.

Cloetta uses several different recruitment channels, such as, LinkedIn and different jobsites. Some recruitment processes are carried out in collaboration with a recruitment agency. Vacancy texts are either in local language, or in English if it concerns a position which is more internationally oriented. In the vacancies ads we explain what makes Cloetta such a great employer, what the position is about and what we are looking for in a candidate for this position

You submit your application via our own application form (included in all online ads) and attach your CV and your motivation letter. If you have any questions about the position before applying, you are most welcome to contact us for further information. You can directly contact the Cloetta subsidiary in which the open position is located and ask for the HR department.


After an initial assessment of the applications we will invite the candidates that match our requirement profile to attend a first interview. When we meet, we will of course have several questions for you, but we also hope that you will have prepared a short presentation of yourself as well as some questions regarding issues that are important to you.

When you join us for a second interview we are usually able to discuss the position even more in depth as we have already gotten to know each other in round one.

Assessments and references

If we are recruiting for a role that demands specific skills, we will carry out assessments as a part of the selection process such as personality assessments (online), leadership assessments (online) or a case.

If needed we will speak to two references, one of whom will have a supervisory role. Please make sure that you have these references available when requested.

When we have completed the selection procedure, salary and contract negotiations will commence. We will always ask for your expectations up front so we can assess if they match the position labor conditions but also to provide you with a fair proposal.

Feedback to unsuccessful candidates
This feedback will be provided at the earliest possible opportunity. As a recruitment process can take anything from a couple of weeks to several months, it is difficult to give an exact date. You are always welcome to contact us if you have any questions during the process.

Welcome to apply for a position at Cloetta!


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