As a leader it is important to have the courage to trust in both your own leadership and in other people. This is also about understanding each other and why different people act in different ways.

LedarskapManagement Drives

The Management Drives leadership tool has been rolled out to a large number of managers and their immediate working groups. Management Drives is based among other things on the use of a questionnaire to identify what drives each employee, what energises them and what drains them of energy. By making managers and employees aware of their own profiles and thereby which working methods suit them best, the foundation is laid for continuing with the launch of Cloetta’s Leadership Dimensions connected to Management Drives. This is about understanding how to best develop your own leadership in a way that boosts motivation and performance in the immediate team through trust, understanding and communication.

Leadership Dimensions

Cloetta seeks to attract, retain and develop the right people, who display in addition to their professional skills. Cloetta therefore has six leadership dimensions, each supported by three skills.
Visionary leadership – leading the way towards our vision;
People leadership – coaching others on their way forward;
Entrepreneurial leadership – pursuing results and profitability;
Structured leadership – guaranteeing our long-term quality and efficiency;
Committed leadership – standing firm and getting things done;
Trusted leadership – inspiring solidarity within Cloetta.

We actively develop new and existing talents with a focus on functional expertise in implementation and for managers with a focus on leadership skills. Development requirements are linked to Cloetta’s strategies, to business focus and the interests and needs of individual employees.

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