Working environment

Efforts to improve and develop the working environment are a natural aspect of operational development and Cloetta’s goal is to create a good physical working environment and a healthy working climate where each individual can feel secure and pursue personal development.

Working environmentOne key part of a secure working environment is that no one is subjected to victimisation or sexual harassment. Cloetta shall be a workplace where diversity and each employee’s different qualities, knowledge and skills are respected regardless of gender, religion, ethnic background, age, race, sexual orientation, etc.

Employee safety

Employee safety is fundamental to Cloetta and the top priority in every production facility. The focus for Cloetta is on a programme to improve the safety culture so as to alter the attitudes and behaviour of employees.

Cloetta also works with continuous injury and risk reduction programmes based on real safety data that is translated into specific safety projects with a focus on employee involvement. Cloetta will continue to transform its safety culture and performance by increasing safety awareness and encouraging good safety behaviour from everyone in the organization.

Worklife balance

Cloetta encourages a good balance between working life and private life. It is important to make it easy for both men and women to combine work with their responsibility for the home and family. The Group therefore supports flexible working such a flexitime and part-time work, when possible.

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