Community involvement

Cloetta’s legacy of positive impact

Cloetta has witnessed the importance of community involvement to the communities surrounding our factories, adding purpose to our employees’ lives, and giving more meaning to what Cloetta and our brands stand for. We want to build on that legacy and ensure that our impact through community involvement continues to create the power of true joy.

What is Community Involvement?

It’s one of our “new” initiatives focusing on sharing learnings and supporting local projects, both well-established partnerships and new ideas in their infancy. Community involvement itself is nothing new at Cloetta, as over the 100+ years, we’ve engaged around our factories and offices in many different ways.

Our aim with this initiative is to support, organize and encourage more projects, and eventually measure the impacts of our local projects across our three pillars and our organization.

Our brands can co-create solutions with our consumers or other organizations (For You), our employees and partners can develop more meaningful connections (For People) and our projects can directly benefit the local environment and nature (For the Planet).

Here we highlight five projects with different approaches across Cloetta’s organization that live out our mission of believing in the Power of True Joy:

    1.  Nadácia pre deti Slovenska
      Since 2007, the Cloetta Children’s Fund has strengthened our partnership with the Slovakian Children’s Foundation (Nadácia pre deti Slovenska) to help solve problems of children and young people in the Levice district, where our Levice factory is located in Slovakia.Our goal is to improve the quality of life and health of young people, to promote education and meaningful leisure time, and to encourage cooperation between organizations and institutions from different sectors in the community.In 2020, we supported six projects in Levice including a climbing gym, creating a tea room in a school kitchen—encouraging a healthy diet, a first aid training program for young students, technical extracurricular activities to encourage a positive attitude toward technology, a winter garden for disabled children, and early intervention for successful education in kindergarten. We also support five projects during our 12th year now in 2021 with the ambition to promote long-term change that will continue to have a positive impact on children and young people in the future. Read more here!
    2. SMIL Fonden (SMIL foundation) The SMIL Foundation supports children with serious and chronic diseases across diagnoses.
      The SMIL Foundation works to create strong communities and increase the quality of life in families with seriously ill children and young people. They do this through social activities in hospitals and with summer camps, networking trips and counseling. The SMIL Foundation’s wish is to bring joy to the children and their families, to give them a place to belong and a break from serious illness. Often these children have diseases that many will live with for the rest of their lives.
      Cloetta Denmark has been supporting the SMIL Foundation since its beginning in 2018. We are the largest contributor to the SMIL Foundation and sponsor many of the above-mentioned events both by donating products, volunteering and with financial support.We are truly passionate and proud of the collaboration that certainly brings true joy into our lives at Cloetta. Read more about it here!
      August is one of the children with a serious and chronic disease who is ready to enjoy Christmas with a Skipper’s Pipe advent calendar together with SMILfonden’s founder and director Sisse Fisker.
    3. Circular inventions: Sportlife & the first Gumshoe.
      It’s unpleasant for individuals, the city and the planet when chewed gum ends up in the wrong place. Sportlife found a creative way to challenge consumers’ habits when it comes to the “end” of their chewing gum’s life. In a partnership with Gum-Tec and JCDecaux, Sportlife’s billboards in Amsterdam collected chewing gum that was given a new life as soles of new shoes.  The result collected enough chewing gum for the first Gumshoes, while stirring up a lot of excitement around the circular solution. The impact will also hopefully continue to inspire consumers to respectfully dispose of their chewing gum in a more mindful and environmentally friendly manner.
    4. Summer fun for everyone: Red Band and Kinderhulp “Child Aid”

      In 2020 Red Band partnered with the National Fund for Child Aid (Nationaal Fonds Kinderhulp). Red Band wanted to bring more summer fun to families in poverty, so we delivered about 5,000 Summer Fun Packages to make sure that they had an extra spark of joy and fun during their vacation. Read more about the Summer Fun Packages with Child Aid:
    5. Läkerol Pink Ribbon: ”Together we’re raising our voices for breasts”
      Läkerol “Makes people talk” and moving forward there’s more talk about breast cancer. During October 2020, Läkerol donated part of the sales to the Breast Cancer Foundation. Cloetta created over 1,700 pink special displays for our Läkerol classic products in stores. Together with our new Läkerol Classic Raspberry Licorice pastille, which won this year’s best product in the candy category, the launch complemented the emphasis and talk about “Rosa bandet” and the Breast Cancer Foundation. Read more here:


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