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With headquarters in Bocholt, Cloetta Deutschland GmbH is responsible for the nationwide distribution and marketing of Cloetta products in Germany. Founded in 1967 as Red Band Süßwarenvertriebsgesellschaft mbH, the business has been run under the company name Cloetta Deutschland GmbH since 2015.

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In addition to the ‘Red Band’ brand with its fruit gum and liquorice specialities, the company now also sells the Lonka brand with its fudge and nougat products in Germany, both products of original Dutch quality.

Additionally, the company markets the products of the Irish brand ‘The Jelly Bean Factory’ with its gourmet Jelly Beans. Furthermore, the brand portfolio includes the distribution of the Swedish brands Kex Choklad (chocolate-covered, filled waffles) and Nutisal (dry roasted nuts).

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Cloetta Deutschland GmbH
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46395 Bocholt, Germany
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