Group Management

Henri de Sauvage Nolting

President and CEO

Frans Rydén

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Jacob Broberg Cloetta

Jacob Broberg

Senior Vice President Corporate Communications and Investor Relations

Regina Ekström Cloetta

Regina Ekström

Senior Vice President Human Resources

Thomas Biesterfeldt, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

Thomas Biesterfeldt

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

Michiel Havermans

Senior Vice President Cloetta International

Ewald Frenay Cloetta

Ewald Frénay

President Middle

Katarina Tell

President Cloetta Sweden

Christian Boas Linde

President Denmark and Norway

Marcel Mensink

President Operations

Ville Perho Cloetta

Ville Perho

President Finland

Oskari Vidman

Chief Pick&Mix Officer

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