Remuneration for the Board members was resolved on the AGM in April 2017 and is based on proposals from the Nomination Committee.

The AGM also resolved on the guidelines for remuneration to the senior management team including fixed salary, variable salary, other benefits and pension.

Total remuneration to Board members elected by the AGM amounts to SEK 2,330,000 in board fee and SEK 600,000 for committee work. The fees cover the period until the next Annual General Meeting in April 2018. For the distribution of the fees, see the table below.

Remuneration to the senior management including incentive program

The remuneration to the President and other member of Group Management consist of fixed salary, variable salary, long term share based incentive program, other benefits and pension. Remuneration, including long term share based program, for 2017 is described below.


Remuneration to the Board, Group Management and Auditors 2017   
Remuneration to the Board, SEK 000sBoard fees, Base salaryCommittee feesVariable
remuneration incurred in the year, expected to be paid in the next year
Variable share-based long-term Other
SubtotalPension costsTotalPension obligation  
Chairman of the Board            
Lilian Fossum Biner620100-- - -720-  
Board members            
Camilla Svenfelt285100-- - - -  
Mikael Aru285--- - -285-  
Lottie Knutson285100-- - -385-  
Mikael Norman285100-- - -385-  
Adriaan Nühn285100--- -385-  
Mikael Svenfelt285100-- - -385-  
Total2,330600-- -0-2,545-  
Remuneration cost incurred for the Group Management, SEK 000s            
Henri de Sauvage Nolting, President/CEO (1)3,886--704 694,6591,1135,772-  
Danko Maras, Interim President/CEO (CFO) (2)378--143 41562114676   
Other Group Management (3)22,322--3,8254,55230,6995,73036,429-  
Audit fees, SEKm            
Fee for auditing services3           
Fees for other services            
Tax advice0           
Audit-related advice1           
Total other services1           
Total audit fees4           
1) Took up duties on 15 February 2017.            
2) Took up duties as interim President and CEO from 1 September 2016 until 14 February 2017.   
3) Other Group Management Team comprised 8 persons for the period 1 January 2017 up to 14 February 2017, 9 persons for the period 15 February until 28 April 2017, 10 persons for the period 29 April 2017 up to 30 September 2017 and 11 persons for the period 30 September 2017 up to 29 November 2017. As from 30 November 2017 the other Group Management Team consisted of 10 persons.   

Guidelines for remuneration to the senior management team

The Board of Directors proposes that the remuneration to the President and other members of the group management, as well as  other executives reporting directly to the President, shall consist of fixed salary, variable salary, other benefits and pension.

Where the Board of Directors finds it appropriate, such executives shall also be offered to participate in long term share based incentive plans, which shall be decided by the general meeting. Any variable salary should be linked to predetermined and measurable criteria and be limited to the equivalent of one fixed annual salary.

The total remuneration shall be in line with market practice and be competitive, and be related to responsibility and authority. Upon termination of employment agreements by the company, the notice period shall be no longer than 12 months. Any severance pay shall not exceed one fixed annual salary on top of the notice period.

The company shall strive to have defined contribution pension benefits. The retirement age shall be not less than 60 years and not more than 67 years.

These guidelines apply to agreements entered into after the Annual General Meeting, and in case changes are made to existing agreements after this point in time. The Board of Directors shall be entitled to deviate from the guidelines in individual cases if there are special reasons for it.


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