Cloetta and Corporate sustainability

Cloetta’s overall goal for corporate responsibility is to build sustainable long-term value. For Cloetta, sustainable value is about growing as a company while at the same time ensuring that the people and environments that are affected by Cloetta’s operations or products are positively impacted.

Cloetta’s work with corporate responsibility is steered by the Group’s Code of Conduct. The Code of Conduct is a set of guidelines and principles for the way in which the company conducts operations and the employees actions in relation to consumers, customers, suppliers, shareholders and colleagues. They are based on Cloetta’s core values; Focus, Passion, Teamplay and Pride.

Cloetta’s sustainability commitment is longterm undertaking. Cloetta has therefore formulated number of goals that extend until 2020. However, the journey to a sustainable society will not end in 2020. Cloetta is therefore working continuously to evaluate the achieved results and improve its working methods in order to continuously improve our corporate responsibility work. Cloetta’s goals for 2020 are shown under the respective headings; Greater well-being, Reduced environmental impact and Sustainable sourcing.

Cloetta’s continuous striving for sustainable development is daily focused on respect for the employees’ health and development, control of raw materials and first line suppliers, manufacturing safe products, handling complaints/returns effectively and reducing the Group’s environmental impact.

Cloetta’s sustainability work primarily covers the company’s own operations, meaning Cloetta’s direct impact on the environment and people. However, Cloetta’s commitment to corporate responsibility is integrated throughout the entire value chain. This means that aside from taking responsibility for the aspects that are under the company’s direct control, Cloetta also takes a certain responsibility for indirect aspects outside of its direct control, i.e. from raw material supplier to the recyclability of the product packages.


Cloetta reports in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines for sustainability reporting, G4, Core. Cloetta’s sustainability report covers all operations. Find out more about Cloetta´s overall strategies here.

Corporate responsibility governance

The overall strategies for Cloetta’s corporate responsibility work are adopted by the Group Management Team and are controlled and monitored through business planning processes at several levels in the company. Ultimate responsibility for corporate responsibility lies with Cloetta’s President.

Cloetta’s sustainability work is overseen by the Director Corporate Responsibility, who functions as a spokesman for issues related to corporate responsibility and is responsible for identifying prioritized areas, acting as the stakeholders’ link to the management and supporting the implementation of Cloetta’s corporate responsibility strategy. Environmental and occupational health and safety managers are found in all factories.


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