Cloetta and Corporate sustainability

Cloetta’s overall goal for the sustainability work is to create the conditions for longterm value creation. For Cloetta, this means growing as a company, managing risks and identifying opportunities while respecting and managing the impact on people and the environment and fulfilling the expectations of those around Cloetta.

Sustainability and Cloetta’s overall strategies Cloetta’s sustainability work supports and is firmly grounded in the company’s business strategy.

To manage both the negative and positive impact effectively, Cloetta needs to understand where impact occurs and where in Cloetta’s value chain the Group can make the greatest difference. Cloetta’s responsibility extends beyond its own operations and ability to influence the different parts of the value chain varies. By taking a value chain perspective, Cloetta can identify opportunities and risks, and understand limitations as well as how value can be created for its stakeholders.


Cloetta reports in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines for sustainability reporting, G4, Core. Cloetta’s sustainability report covers all operations.


Find out more about Cloetta´s overall strategies here.




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