Well-being of our employees

Cloetta is driven by a conviction that value is created by the employees, and that the ability to attract, retain and develop the best and most competent people is crucial for the company’s success. It is also very important that the safety of our employees is continuously improved.

Safety first

In production, employee safety is always the top priority. Feeling safe in the workplace is a prerequisite for performing well. For this reason, all factories carry out continuous risk assessments to minimize the risk for accidents.

Working environment

Efforts to improve and develop the working environment are a natural aspect of operational development and the goal is to create a good physical working environment and a healthy working climate where everyone can feel secure and pursue personal development.

An attractive workplace

To create an attractive workplace for all employees, it is essential that there is a genuine interest in understanding how the employees see their place of work, i.e. what they appreciate and what they find lacking or are simply dissatisfied with. On a bi-annual basis Cloetta therefor conducts the Great Place to Work survey, where the results are analyzed and corrective action plans are set into place.

Read more about Cloetta´s work with employees under the Career section.

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