Reduced environmental impact

In 2016, the Paris Agreement was signed within the UN’s Framework Convention on Climate Change. The Paris Agreement shows a pathway and direction not only for governments but also for companies around the world. It also sends a signal that it is urgent – we must act now to avoid serious climate change for future generations.

The focus in Cloetta’s climate change work is on the following areas:

  • Reduction of greenhouse gases

  • Increased energy efficiency

  • Reduction of waste

At present, our efforts are mainly focused on the Group’s production units. In a longer perspective, Cloetta aims to widen the focus to also include the environmental impact arising from raw material production. For the current scope, Cloetta has defined goals, strategies and action programmes for the period until 2020.

Cloetta works to reduce its environmental impact through systematic environmental management. Cloetta complies with the statutory environmental requirements and the Group is not party to any environmental disputes. Environmental initiatives are an integral part of Cloetta’s operations and environmental aspects are taken into account when making decisions. Frequent evaluation and follow-up of measures increase awareness about the effects of different working methods on the environment.



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