Reduced environmental impact

The Paris Agreement was signed in 2016. The agreement provides a pathway and a direction not only for governments but also for companies around the world. It also sends a signal that it is urgent – we must act now to avoid serious climate change for future generations.

Fighting climate change

Cloetta´s primary focus in the fight against climate change is within the following three areas:

  • reduction of greenhous gases
  • increased energy efficiency
  • reduction of waste

The scope of reducing Cloetta’s environmental impact lies within the production network – the emissions and waste generated by Cloetta’s operations. For the three areas above, Cloetta has defined long-term goals to be reached by 2020. The action programme in place to reach the 2020 goals is incorporated into Cloetta’s Lean programme, where the vision is to benchmark against world class production with the aim of achieving operational excellence.

All of Cloetta’s production units conduct systematic environmental management that includes action plans and monitoring in several different areas.




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