Sustainable sourcing

By incorporating sustainability aspects into the sourcing strategy, Cloetta creates a platform for ensuring the supply of high quality raw materials to the factories while at the same time improving opportunities for the growers in the countries of origin to develop sustainable farming methods.

Supplier approval process

First of all, sustainable sourcing at Cloetta is about having control one step back in the supply chain, i.e. to the first line of suppliers. Raw materials are purchased only from suppliers that can be verified and approved against Cloetta’s Code of Conduct for suppliers. Based on a risk assessment, certain suppliers are physically audited according to an established schedule. Cloetta’s Code of Conduct for suppliers is based on the 10 principles in the UN Global Compact.

Sustainability programmes

for prioritized raw materials Secondly, sustainable sourcing at Cloetta is aimed at directly addressing different types of social, environmental and economic challenges in the countries of origin for prioritized raw materials. Cloetta’s sustainable sourcing programme for prioritized raw materials is based on external certifications and/or verification according to the guidelines defined in Cloetta’s Code of Conduct. So far, Cloetta has a sustainability programme in place for cocoa, palm and shea butter. By 2020, Cloetta will also have sustainability programmes in place for cane sugar, gum arabic and cashew nuts.



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