Responsible sourcing

Cloetta controls that suppliers live up to Cloetta’s standards by integrating environmental and social requirements into the sourcing process.

Furthermore, Cloetta has a programme for purchasing certified raw materials that is aimed at improving the social and environmental conditions in the places where the raw materials are produced.

Supplier controls integrated into the sourcing process

Cloetta has processes in place to approve and control the compliance with requirements placed on suppliers. These requirements are defined in the BRC Global Standards for Food Safety and in the company’s Code of Conduct, and they are integrated into the sourcing process.

Sustainability programme for prioritized raw materials

Many of the raw materials that are used in Cloetta’s products originate in countries where the risk of deviation from our Code of Conduct is higher.  Cloetta’s sustainability programme for prioritized raw materials is based on third-party certified raw materials. Cloetta purchases certified raw materials and cooperates with raw material suppliers so as to improve traceability, work to a common set of requirements and carry out training that can contribute to positive change in countries where the raw materials are grown.

Cloetta’s sustainability programme includes cocoa, palm oil and shea butter.



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