Well-being of our consumers

Cloetta’s responsibility for consumer well-being includes high and consistent quality, correct and detailed content labelling and responsible marketing. Cloetta also strives to take responsibility for the consumers’ well-being through an increased number of natural products – that are “better-for-you”.


Fewer calories with stevia

In order to offer products with a reduced calorie content, stevia plays a key role for Cloetta’s products. Stevia is a plant native to South America whose leaves contain an intense and natural sweetness. Cloetta uses stevia extract in products such as Läkerol, chewing gum, Dietor and Dietorelle.


Nuts are a natural source of many vital nutrients and also contain antioxidants. Cashew nuts are rich in iron, folic acid and zinc. Peanuts (which are actually seeds) are rich in protein and contain high levels of Vitamin B3. Almonds (which are actually seeds) are rich in Vitamin E and pistachios are very rich in antioxidants.

Dental benefits with xylitol

Production of the sweetener xylitol, which has fewer calories than natural sugar, was originally started in Finland in the 1970s through extraction from birch sap. Xylitol is found in several of Cloetta’s chewing gum products, such as Jenkki, Mynthon, DentaFresh and Toy.

Natural raw materials

Goody Good Stuff and The Jelly Bean Factory are two examples where Cloetta has implemented the idea of 100 per cent natural ingredients. All artificial colours and flavours have been replaced by natural fruit and plant extracts and all other food additives have been removed.

Clear declaration of ingredients

Cloetta works continuously to develop responsible and clear information about the contents of the products via packages and the website.

High quality and product safety

High quality and product safety are vital in food production and are strictly adhered to in every step of Cloetta’s production processes, from inspection of raw materials to finished products. First class raw materials, correct handling and processes according to the recipes create the right flavour, appearance and consistency and eliminate any risks to the consumers.


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