Consumer well-being

Cloetta’s responsibility for consumer wellbeing starts with high and consistent quality together with correct and detailed content labelling. Besides these fundamentals, Cloetta is also running a programme with the ambition to meet increasing consumer demand for more healthy products.


  • Fewer calories with Stevia
  • Nuts-loaded with nutrients
  • Dental benefits with xylitol
  • Natural raw materials
  • Clear declaration of ingredients
  • High quality and product safety

Cloetta offers choices

Sugar plays an important role in Cloetta’s assortment when it comes to delivering great taste, pleasure and enjoyment to our consumers. Sugar is also important in bringing structure and reservative properties to the products. Cloetta’s mission is to bring a smile to consumers’ munchy moments, something that should also include products with alternatives to sugar. Consumers must therefore be able to find sugar-free products, products with less sugar or those that are naturally free from sugar in Cloetta’s assortment.

No artificial flavours, no artificial colours (NAFNAC)

There is an increasing consumer interest in natural ingredients. Different types of additives and chemically produced substances are being questioned from a health standpoint. Cloetta is therefore conducting a programme aimed at removing artificial flavours and colours from the assortment.

Consumer and customer feedback

Feedback from individual consumers is extremely valuable in Cloetta’s pursuit of continuous improvements. Each market has a Consumer Service unit that receives, investigates and responds to consumer and customer feedback and complaints. In case of possible quality defects, Consumer Service always contacts the factory in question.


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