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CEO Henri de Sauvage Nolting

Cloetta’s overall goal for the sustainability work is to create the conditions for longterm value creation.

By further integrating and embedding environmental and social aspects into our business strategy and our operations, we are creating the conditions for long-term value creation. By understanding and managing our impact on people and the environment, and at the same time being an attractive employer that also exceeds consumers’ and customers’ expectations, we are creating the conditions for long-term profitability.

This means that Cloetta must be a safe and also attractive place of work, that consumers must be offered products of high quality but also that Cloetta’s brands offer choices to the consumer, for example with less or no sugar. It means reducing the environmental impact from Cloetta’s factories and from the use of packaging, as well as placing environmental and social requirements within our sourcing process.

In our role as a responsible company we shall offer consumers a choice when they want to enjoy our brands. We have successfully launched both a product with 30 per cent less sugar and products with no sugar under the leading candy brand Red Band in the Netherlands. We also successfully launched a product with 30 per cent less sugar under the brand Malaco Gott & Blandat in Sweden and Norway in 2018. Our long-term ambition is to be transparent and offer more choice to the consumer when making tradeoffs on sugar, naturalness, gluten etc., so that people have alternatives and can make their own choices.

The cocoa and chocolate that Cloetta buys is UTZ certified. We have removed palm oil from the majority of our glazing agents and for any products still containing palm oil, we have started the transition towards segregated, traceable palm oil. This increases traceability.

We also aim to decrease our carbon dioxide per produced tonne even further, but in 2018 we have not seen a decrease due to less renewable electricity being purchased. We can decrease carbon dioxide further, for example by taking a more integrated perspective on the supply chain.

Cloetta is a member of the UN’s Global Compact and supports their ten principles regarding human rights, working conditions, the environment and anti-corruption. Our sustainability agenda also supports eight of the UN’s 17 sustainability goals.

Sustainability is one of Cloetta’s priority areas. During 2019, we will therefore further develop this work based on the materiality analysis that we recently carried out. This means that both our ways of working and objectives may change.

Henri de Sauvage-Nolting

President and CEO


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