Words from the CEO

CEO Henri de Sauvage Nolting

Cloetta’s aim is to build long-term sustainable values by growing as a company while at the same time ensuring that the impact on both people and the environment is positive.

Cloetta’s sustainability commitment has three components: greater well-being, reduced environmental impact and sustainable sourcing. Action plans, targets and key performance indicators are in place for all prioritized areas.

Cloetta is a member of the UN Global Compact and supports its 10 principles. These are also incorporated into Cloetta’s Code of Conduct and thus provide a solid foundation for our sustainability work.

In the area of sustainable sourcing, Cloetta has prioritized a number of raw materials. All cocoa and chocolate that we purchase is UTZ certified. We have now also removed palm oil as a glazing agent in the majority of our products. For the few products that still contain palm oil, we have started switching to segregated palm oil which improves traceability. In 2018 we are also starting a programme for sustainable shea butter.

Cloetta’s long-term environmental goals extend until 2020. Following a steady improvement in our environmental key performance indicators in recent years, the picture in 2017 is more mixed. Carbon dioxide emissions per produced kilogram decreased and our recovery rate increased, while our total energy consumption was largely unchanged. We therefore need to increase our focus on energy efficiency since this is good both for our environment and our economy.

Our sustainability report (included in this annual report) has been reviewed by the auditing firm KPMG. Since it is our ambition to meet international standards, our sustainability report is prepared in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines.




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