With CandyKing we offer freedom of choice, turning ordinary moments to sweet and joyful occasions.

CandyKing was founded in 1984. The company was later bought by Cloetta in 2017 and is now the leading brand of pick & mix in the Nordic region and the UK. Cloetta is Europe’s largest supplier of pick & mix confectionery, with CandyKing as the main brand.


CandyKing as a brand is entrepreneurially driven where no project or idea is to small or big.

Our goal is to spread freedom of choice and unlimited taste sensations. So, for you to get the greatest possible freedom of choice and joy of taste we’ve invited some of our best friends to join us in our sweet world of CandyKing.

Whatever you prefer, it´s all in the mix, tailor-made by you, for the exact moment you’ve got in mind. ​So just Pick it, Mix it, Love it!​ That´s all it takes to make the day shine a little bit brighter.

And besides CandyKing’s standard assortment you can also find a more premium range within CandyKing – The premium mix, in selected stores and markets.

Find our more on our webpage and follow us on Facebook and Instagram for inspiration, news about coming products and competitions.


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