Cloetta is the name and symbol of the oldest chocolate company in the Nordics, and is at the same time a brand with a very strong local heritage.

In Sweden, Cloetta is closely associated with happiness, enjoyment and energy, and is one of the strongest umbrella brands on the Swedish market.

Kexchoklad and Polly are the two largest and best known product brands. Other classic and leading product brands in their market segments include Plopp, Juleskum, Center, Tarragona, Sportlunch and Guldnougat.

Choose right – choose Cloetta!!


Cloetta chocolate

In 2014, a new chocolate concept was launched in Finland under the Cloetta brand. Cloetta chocolate offers inspiring chocolate experiences through exciting combinations of taste and texture, presented with a twinkle in the eye. The current portfolio consists of delicious filled chocolates and contlines and is targeted toward the young and open-minded who cherish time together with friends and family. Sold in Finland.


is the original that was launched back in 1913, a luxurious Swedish treat shaped like a gold bar. With a unique, creamy, smooth and rich hazelnut nougat, Guldnougat is a real indulgence that melts in your mouth.


is a chocolate bar for the passionate nut lover. The name comes from the city of Tarragona in Spain, which has been known for its hazelnut groves for centuries. It was from here that the hazelnuts were imported when Tarragona was launched on the Swedish market in 1928. The original, smooth milk chocolate with whole roasted hazelnuts is our recipe for good taste.


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