Malaco offers a wide variety of confectionery products. The name Malaco comes from the first letters in the company name Malmö Lakrits Compani, which was founded in 1934. 

Over the years, many new products have been launched under the brand, such as Gott&blandat, TV MIX, Aakkoset, Familie Guf, Lagerman Konfekt, VIVA Lakrits and Kick. Quite simply – Saturday all week.

Sold in: Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, the USA and Israel.


In 2021, Cloetta is the first company in the world to launch a fruit based candy, Gott&blandat Äkta Frukt in Sweden, and Aakkoset Auito & Hedelmäinen in Finland. The candy contains 50% fruit and consists of natural colors and flavors, is vegan and has been developed in close collaboration with consumers to ensure the best result. The fruit-based candy is a completely new type of product in the candy category and a result of long-term innovation and development work. The fruit based candy are available in two flavors, tropical and fruit and berries.


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