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Code of Conduct for suppliers

Sourcing sustainable ingredients is critical to securing “A Sweeter Future” – not only for Cloetta’s business and products, but also for our consumers, suppliers and the farmers in our supply chain. Within our Sustainable Sourcing programme, we focus on improving the performance of our suppliers and sourcing raw materials in a way that protects or improves the environmental and social impacts in the supply chain.

Our work is based on Cloetta’s Supplier Code of Conduct, which covers human and labour rights (including specific requirements for child labour), business ethics and anti-corruption, health and safety, environmental protection and the Cloetta Quality Agreement, which covers both product quality and food safety. Suppliers are obliged to adhere to these governance documents and report any changes in their operations that may lead to deviations from agreements with us. Suppliers are monitored based on risks related to country and sector specific circumstances, and their own performance over time. The objective is for suppliers to continuously improve their performance.