Stakeholders and materiality issues

The areas that are prioritized in Cloetta’s sustainability agenda have been defined through a materiality analysis. Every year, Cloetta updates the materiality analysis based on the sustainability issues that have been identified in discussions with Cloetta’s stakeholders.

Cloetta’s primary stakeholders are customers, consumers, employees, shareholders/investors, business partners/suppliers and society. These groups are directly critical for Cloetta’s long-term profitability. In addition, there are a number of other important stakeholders. These are shown in the illustration below in the outer circle.

Cloetta has a continuous, open dialogue above all with the primary stakeholders based on the expectations and requirements of each stakeholder group. The methodology behind Cloetta’s materiality analysis is aimed at classifying different types of sustainability issues on the basis of two parameters:

The stakeholder perspective – i.e. the significance a specific issue has for Cloetta’s ability to create value for important stakeholders.
• The impact perspective – i.e. the direct impact a specific issue can have on Cloetta’s ability to continue to grow as a long-term profitable company.

The issues that are of critical importance from both a stakeholder and impact perspective are those that have the highest priority for Cloetta. It is these environmental and social issues that are defined in Cloetta’s sustainability agenda.

The materiality analysis was updated towards the end of 2018 and is the foundation for the updated strategy that will be presented in 2019.

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