Sustainability and strategies

Cloetta’s sustainability work supports and is firmly grounded in the company’s business strategy:

Driving growth

Implementing sustainability programs for the prioritized raw material groups and communicating these programs on Cloetta’s packages helps to further strengthen Cloetta’s brands among customers and consumers. Sourcing 100% Rainforest Alliance/UTZ certified cocoa is one example.

Financing growth

Efforts to continuously reduce the company’s environmental impact go hand in hand with lower costs. Lower energy use and waste volumes from the factories contribute to greater cost-efficiency.

Enabling growth

Cloetta works determinedly to create an attractive workplace for all employees and promotes the development of a high-performing organization by continuously developing and training its staff, designing competitive remuneration systems, upholding an inspiring corporate culture and building a clear corporate identity.


Find out more about Cloetta’s overall strategies here.

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