Sustainable Development Goals

By further integrating environmental and social aspects into both the business strategy and operations, we are creating the conditions to grow as a company.

This also leads to risks and opportunities being identified, while enabling Cloetta to understand and manage impact on people and the environment, and live up to the expectations of the world around us.

Cloetta has been a participant of the UN’s Global Compact since 2009 and supports the Ten Principles regarding human and labour rights, the environment and anti-corruption.  A Sweeter Future also directly contributes to six of the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), with each pillar supporting at least one of the SDGs.

How the SDGs connect to A Sweeter Future:

As a fast-moving consumer goods business, we have an important role in promoting Responsible Consumption and Production. SDG 12 plays a role in all three pillars, especially For You (relating directly to our consumers and products).



Gender Equality and Decent Work and Economic Growth are central to our For People pillar, working with our employees, supply chain and society.




Climate Action and Life on Land are supported by our For the Planet initiatives.




Partnerships for the Goals is the common theme enabling all of our efforts with the help of our partners and suppliers. 




The Stockholm Resilience Centre’s “Wedding Cake”, illustrated below, visually portrays the goals as the environmental base, holding up the societal and economic goals, and with the common theme of partnerships throughout (the wedding couple). This representation resonates with how we as a business have an active role in the economic and social goals, but sustainably managing our planet’s resources is fundamental for our business. Our social and economic goals will be unattainable in the future if we do not do our part to combat climate change and take responsibility for our actions now. 

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