For People

We contribute to the Power of True Joy for people by improving our impacts on three key stakeholder groups: our employees, raw material suppliers & farmers, and our society.

Credit: The Rainforest Alliance

Ensuring the safety and well-being of the above stakeholder groups also ensures our ability to create A Sweeter Future for generations to come. 

Relevant SDGs are 5, 8, 12 & 17. Gender equality (5) is important in our own operations as well as in our supply chain – one great example is our Sustaining Shea program. Decent work and economic growth (8) is exemplified with our Living Income Pilot. Both of these are examples of great partnerships (17) and also for encouraging responsible consumption and production (12) which is also exemplified with our responsible marketing practices. 


Our employees are critical to making any of our goals a reality. Initiatives involving our employees address areas that we consider essential for a meaningful, creative and joyful work environment. The programs are in place within our HR organisation and aims to ensure happy and healthy employees throughout their journey in Cloetta. Read more about Cloetta’s Employee Journey on our Career page. Areas covered include competence development, equality and diversity, non-discrimination, parental leave and mental health advice and our well-being initiative Cloetta Energy. 

Our whistle-blower program also allows employees to communicate anonymously when there have been instances of discrimination or other injustices. For many years now we measure our employee engagement through employee surveys. 

A safe and healthy workplace is fundamental to our employees well-being. Read more about our approach to health & safety in the annual report on page 61. 

Raw material suppliers & farmers

Our partnerships with NGO’s and suppliers help us reach the people growing the raw materials. In this very first part of our value chain is where both social and environmental issues are most pertinent, such as child labor, gender equality, biodiversity and the effects of climate change. We prioritize efforts where we can influence real change: enabling living income for cocoa farmers and empowering women who are harvesting shea in West Africa. 


We practice responsible marketing across all our markets by following the guidelines from the EU Pledge initiative regarding marketing towards children. We create joyful and meaningful moments with our community involvement, meeting different needs and deepening our relationships and connections within our local communities. 

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