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Consumers are always at the center of what we do. Cloetta offers high-quality and safe products, serving the diverse universe with a variety of preferences. 


The first pillar of our sustainability agenda is grounded in the purpose of our business. When our consumers trust that we conduct our business responsibly, they can truly enjoy our products. 

Responsible Consumption and Production is the core SDG for everything we do at Cloetta. We take responsibility for product quality and food safety, we source sustainable ingredients and we provide options that consider consumers’ health. During 2020, we focused on three areas in the For You pillar: Innovating for the future, Offering options, and Non-artificial flavours & colours. 

Innovating for the Future has introduced new products like “real fruit candy” as well as increasing the percentage of natural ingredients in our candy assortment. Other focus areas within this initiative include offering vegan options, reducing the amount of sugar, offering sugar-free options and including functional ingredients.

Offering Options is all about meeting the consumer where they’re at. Cloetta offers a range of products from favorite indulgent treats to nuts and sugar-free xylitol products that support oral health.

Read more in our annual report on page 19.


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