Increased resource efficiency

Cloetta makes all efforts to use resources as effectively as possible. Cloetta manages the environmental impact from operations and transportation through optimising energy consumption, reducing emissions and waste and prioritising climate-smart transportation.

Cloetta uses resources responsibly by focusing on the energy effectiveness of its production facilities and reducing the company’s carbon dioxide emissions and waste generated from its factories.

Sustainable packaging

To reduce the environmental impact of packaging, and use resources more effectively, Cloetta has defined a programme to develop more sustainable packaging solutions with improved environmental performance. By no later than 2025 Cloetta’s packaging will be 100 per cent recyclable/recoverable.

Energy efficiency

During 2018 Cloetta conducted energy audits at all eight factories. The audit result includes details about consumption for specific applications as well as energy balance for the factory and forms the basis for defining actions for more effective energy usage at each factory.


In order to reduce its climate impact from transportation and to optimise freight costs, Cloetta endeavours to have high fill rates and uses stackable crates and transportation with larger load capacity. To the greatest extent possible, a combination of trains, ships and lorries are used to achieve a transportation solution with the best possible environmental performance.


All eight factories sort their waste.


Within the framework of the factory management systems, initiatives are underway to reduce the amount of sewage as well as improve the quality of sewage.



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