Cloetta sources 100% Rainforest Alliance certified cocoa. 

Since 2014 Cloetta has purchased only certified cocoa from UTZ-certified farmers. In 2018, UTZ and Rainforest Alliance merged to create a better future for people and nature, and in 2020 when the new Rainforest Alliance Certification Program was released, the new Rainforest Alliance seal also started replacing UTZ logos on Cloetta’s packages. All cocoa and chocolate that is delivered to Cloetta’s factories is Rainforest Alliance certified. Cloetta is proud to continue to work toward a better future for people and nature together with Rainforest Alliance.  For Cloetta it is vital to address the challenges facing the cocoa growers in West Africa. Cloetta creates a platform for securing a supply of high quality cocoa to the factories while providing better possibilities for West African cocoa growers to develop sustainable farming.

Sourcing of cocoa

West Africa accounts for around 70 per cent of the total global harvest of cocoa beans. Local intermediaries distribute the raw materials to the international cocoa wholesalers and exporters, after which the cocoa is sent to Europe. Every year, Cloetta buys approximately 3,000 tonnes of cocoa in the form of cocoa liquor, cocoa butter and cocoa powder from suppliers in Europe.

Low productivity for cocoa farmers

The West African cocoa farmers face a number of economic, social and environmental challenges, of which low productivity on the farms is one of the most critical. Limited knowledge about how to grow high quality cocoa in an efficient manner is a root cause behind the farmers’ low productivity. The farmers are also struggling with aging cocoa trees and declining soil fertility at the same time that they often lack the means to finance investments in new plants, fertilizers, etc.

Rainforest Alliance-certified cocoa – for people and nature

With Rainforest Alliance certified cocoa, the growers are assisted in building a better future with sustainable farming practices. Through the Rainforest Alliance certification program, they are provided with training in better farming methods, improved working conditions and sustainable growing. The farmers are also given support to buy better plants. All in all, this generates more income and creates better prospects for the individual farmers while better safeguarding the environment. To earn Rainforest Alliance certification the farmer must meet strict requirements, which are closely monitored by an independent third party. These requirements include better farming methods and farm management, safe and healthy working conditions, the abolishment of child labour and protection of the environment.

Cloetta wants to contribute to a better world for people and nature. That is why we source our cocoa responsibly by buying from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms. Read more about Rainforest Alliance certification at



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