Consumer front and center

Consumers must be able to feel confident that products are safe and of high quality, and that Cloetta is transparent in the information provided about product contents.

Cloetta gives consumers the possibility to make well-informed choices, by being clear and transparent about the contents of our products, their calorific value and the impact of the raw materials included.

Cloetta offers choices

Sugar is an important ingredient for providing products with great taste, structure and preservative properties. Cloetta’s mission “To bring a smile to your Munchy Moments” means that Cloetta provides alternatives in the form of sugar-free products, products with less sugar and products that are naturally free from sugar. Cloetta is working to have key brands with a sugar-free alternative or an alternative with a reduced amount of sugar.

No artificial flavours, no artificial colours

There is an increasing consumer interest in natural ingredients. Different types of additives and chemically produced substances are being questioned from a health standpoint, even though they are safe and have been approved for food products. To respond to consumer demands, Cloetta is working to remove artificial flavours and colours from its assortment.


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