Sustainability targets

Cloetta’s overall goal for the sustainability work is to create the conditions for longterm value creation. This means growing as a company, managing risks and identifying opportunities while respecting and managing the impact on people and the environment and fulfilling the expectations of those around Cloetta. Our sustainability mission is to bring our purpose to life: We believe in the Power of True Joy: For you, for people, and for the planet. 

For You

Cloetta´s larger brands will offer alternatives with less sugar, no added sugar or sugar-free products.

Cloetta´s target is to have switched entirely to non-artificial colours and flavours in our candy and pastille portfolios by the end of 2023.

Cloetta will work toward providing vegan alternatives for classic favorites.

For People

Cloetta has zero tolerance for occupational injuries.

Cloetta engages in partnerships to improve the socio-economic conditions of people across our supply chain.

We aim to be a source of joy and a positive role model in our communities.

For the Planet

Within our Climate Action program we will set a science-based target to decrease our carbon footprint across our value chain.

Sustainable Sourcing is a program that grows in relationships, supplier engagement, and transparency for our raw materials. We source 100% RSPO segregated certified palm oil and 100% Rainforest Alliance/UTZ cocoa, and continue to improve our suppliers performance for ingredients where no certification is available.

By 2025 100% of our packaging will be recyclable. By 2030 100% of our packaging will come from renewable sources or recycled materials.


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