Drivers in the surrounding world

One important success factor is the ability to launch products in segments where there is consumer demand.

The Netherlands

The Netherlands is the sixth largest market in Western Europe, with just over 4 per cent of the region’s confectionery consumption. In 2015 the Dutch market for pastilles and chewing gum decreased for the second consecutive year while the market for sugar confectionery was on the same level as in the previous year.


Finland is the third largest market in the Nordic region, with around one fifth of the region’s total confectionery consumption. The Finnish market grew in 2017. In terms of value, sugar confectionery incl pastilles accounts for around 39 per cent, chocolate for around 54 per cent and chewing gum for around 7 per cent.


Denmark accounts for around one fourth of the Nordic region’s total confectionery consumption. The danish confectionery market grew during 2017.


Sweden is the largest single market in the Nordic region, with around one third of total confectionery consumption. In 2017 the total market showed positive development.

Market overview

The confectionery market is traditionally divided into candy, chocolate, pastilles and chewing gum. Cloetta is active in all these categories, as well as nuts.