The history of Ahlgrens bilar

The year was 1885 and the place was Gävle. In this small Swedish city, a driven entrepreneur named Fredrik Ahlgren was out for a walk, thinking about buying a paint and wallpaper business together with his brother Adolf. Little did he suspect what lay ahead some 100 years into the future.

The history of Kexchoklad

Kexchoklad is one of Sweden’s best loved chocolate products and the single largest product on the Swedish confectionery market. Kexchoklad® is an active classic that has enhanced everyday life for the Swedish people since 1938.

The history of Jenkki

Fun and always in touch with the latest trends – that’s what springs to mind when you think of Jenkki. The brand has lived, grown and evolved with the Finnish people for more than 60 years. Jenkki is the first and most studied chewing gum with xylitol in the world. In the span of 60 years Jenkki has reached iconic status – to the Finns it is synonymous with the words “chewing gum”.

The history of Venco

In 1878 a Dutchman named Gerrit van Voornveld started to produce liquorice and peppermints at a steam factory in the Spuistraat district of Amsterdam.

The history of Läkerol

The throat lozenge that so easily pops into your mouth and soothes your throat has a long, amusing and interesting history. Läkerol has survived two world wars, been delivered to royalty in a gold box and sponsored Sweden’s first sailplane flight. In addition, Läkerol has been a Purveyor to the Court of Sweden since 1916.


2020 Cloetta continues to launch products that provides consumers with a choice. This includes alternatives in the form of sugar-free …